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Balance Harmony Wellbeing

I’ve had several sessions with Hayley now and I’ve felt incredible benefits from her work as a Kinesiologist. Her work has helped me through some deep rooted emotional issues as well physical health. I always feel energised and refreshed after a session.
— Gary Albert Hughes, East London
I have had a few kinesiology sessions with Hayley, particularly for digestive issues and to overcome the resulting pain from past injuries. Hayley listens with compassion to understand the root cause of the symptoms and creates a safe space for you to receive the healing that your body needs. I would highly recommend Hayley if you are in need of professional and expert kinesiologist.
— Rani Virdee, Longfield
I have seen Hayley for Kinesiology sessions on several occasions as I was suffering with multiple physical discomforts. I had the impression that she is very precise in finding the root cause of the imbalance and the way she approached it put me quickly at ease. Thank you Hayley!
— Dusanka Popovska, Rotherhithe
I saw Hayley for a treatment session when I was feeling low on energy, I was concerned about my adrenal glands, running on empty I felt the need to use coffee to help my depleted energy resources. Hayley tested some of the supplements I was using on a weekly basis, she found some were highly beneficial and I should up the dosage and some items although good quality products were not needed at this time. This is helpful in understanding where your body is at. Hayley then found certain blockages on my body that I had suppressed energy from past traumas and stress throughout the years, the pressure points were then massaged quite vigorously and a ton of pain in conjunction with emotion came up, strangely enough my body understood it needed to go through the process of release and once we had worked through the session I felt a massive sense of relief and rather energized on the whole. Hayley works thoroughly and a definite sense of sincerity comes through on her part to help you heal. I felt the session worked on many levels and I valued it greatly , mostly I felt motivated towards life which only comes from a rejuvenated place. Thank you Hayley!
— Suzanne Gell, Raw Nutritionist/Vegan & Raw Food Chef